The importance of coolant management is sometimes overlooked, but it is one of the most important aspects of a job shop. On average, cutting fluid is attributed to less than one percent of a company’s total expenses, though it significantly impacts cutting-tool performance, work-piece quality, and machine operator efficiency. The wrong coolant can grind operations to a halt, while the right one can double productivity.  

The way in which coolant is managed can have a significant impact on productivity, tool life, machine downtime, and part quality. As a result, proper coolant management can serve as the foundation for achieving a company’s overall production and profitability goals.

Read on to learn how cutting fluid maintenance can set you up for success:

Goal 1: Increase Profitability

Profitability isn’t just about increasing revenue — it’s about minimizing the labor and additional expenses that contribute to completing jobs. When coolant is properly managed; with proper concentrations, the removal of tramp oil, and daily additions; it lasts longer in the sump. That ultimately lowers the total fluid volume needed to run an operation, reducing overall costs, too.

With this in mind, Master Fluid Solutions helped an automotive products facility save more than $180,000 per year. Case in point: When increased tool life and reduced machine downtime are factored in, the increase in profitability can be substantial. 

Goal 2: Reach Higher Revenue Benchmarks

Coolant maintenance doesn’t just cut costs. Clean fluids help machine operators work more efficiently. Tools cut more precisely, and parts require less rework. The overall environment and air quality of the facility are also improved.

In fact, new coolant helped one Master Fluid Solutions customer double their throughput per hour. The greater efficiency frees up production bandwidth that can be used to win new contracts and service more customers. A job shop might hit higher revenue goals and production quotas without hiring new staff, buying new equipment, or working longer — all by maintaining cutting fluids properly. 

Goal 3: Improve Cash Flow

Operating more efficiently increases the working capital a company has on hand. This money can be put into reserves, or can be reinvested into the company to purchase new equipment, upgrade facilities, hire more employees, or invest in marketing or advertising that attracts new business. Cash also increases a business’ creditworthiness, allowing a company to apply for loans. 

Goal 4: Pivot or Expand Manufacturing Operations

Job shops face intense competition and thin profit margins. Expanding production capabilities or pivoting to manufacture new types of products and diversifying can be a savvy business strategy to weather seasonal needs and industry shifts. 

Reorganizing an operation or training employees to produce new parts can be incredibly taxing, so having a coolant maintenance program in place will keep costs low and give managers one less thing to worry about. Using versatile, multi-metal cutting fluids that are well-maintained last longer, increase productivity, and improve operator morale.

Goal 5: Lower Environmental Footprint

As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environment, industries are responding with a greater focus on sustainable manufacturing processes. Operating in a more eco-friendly manner is a way for metalworking shops to gain a competitive advantage

Waste generation is one of the largest parts of the metalworking industry’s environmental footprint. When coolant is properly managed, it minimizes disposal and mitigates potential contamination. For example, Master Fluid Solutions helped an aircraft components manufacturer expand their coolant life from three months to 13, saving $500,000 per year. When less coolant is used, less coolant has to be manufactured, mitigating consumption of resources and reducing the strain on the supply chain.

Cutting fluid is simultaneously one of the smallest and largest components of a job shop. Properly managing it can save money and free up time and resources that an organization can use to secure new business, upgrade equipment, and achieve sustainability goals. 

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